Hello! I’m Derek Chaplin, a computer science graduate in the Boston, MA area. I work as a website and game developer. I have a passion for programming and problem solving and I’m always looking to grow myself through new experiences.

I went to a vocational high school in the computer repair shop. In my spare time, I taught myself programming and made quiz programs in Python to study for upcoming tests. I was the top of my class and was even hired by the school while still attending it to work with the IT department. I was chosen as student of the year and graduated in 2013.

Then, I studied computer science at the Wentworth Institute of Technology. I worked on many projects during my time there, some I’m still working on today.

While at Wentworth, I also started part-time work for The MIT Press developing websites. My time with them went really well and I’ve been working with them ever since.

Now I’m at a point where I’m looking to officially break into game development. I’ve been doing what I can in my spare time to grow, learn, and practice so that one day I can give someone the same kind of childhood wonder I always had when I played games.